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March 2023 Reality Show
Monthly Meeting
April 13, 2023

Thursday,  April 13, 2023
General Meeting

Speaker:  Rhonda Allen
Topic:  Gardens and Pollinators


Rhonda Allen is the developer of the La Loma Native Garden located in Modesto at 1805 Encina Avenue. She is a member of the California Native Plant Society-Northern San Joaquin Valley Chapter, certified as a California Naturalist, and a Stanislaus County Master Gardener. 

She is a speaker for the master gardeners on local pollinators, pollinator plants and gardening for local garden clubs and other groups. She recently led a monarch butterfly workshop for Stanislaus County and coordinated a milkweed seed dispersal program this last fall.

Rhonda, an avid California wildflower photographer, is currently working on a wildflower identification book for the Central California region.

Her work continues at the La Loma Native Garden, planting and maintaining the two-acre project. She is involved in planning for the 3rd annual Modesto Pollinator  Festival, which will be held this year on Saturday, April 1, 2023 at the La Loma Native Garden.

Thursday,  April 13, 2023
Learn and Grow

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Denise Godbout-Avant Left and Rhonda Allen (Speaker) Right

Speaker:  Roxanne Campbell  
Topic:  Methods of Plant Propagation


Maybe a few of us started a propagation venture just like Roxanne. Around the age of eleven, she added Pathos stems to a container of water and waited patiently. Then, by nature’s miracle, she saw that they produced hardy white roots, and she couldn’t wait to plant them. That experiment held wonders for Roxanne, and the magic of propagation produced one of her first crushes. Growing older, she dove into gardening, where everyone told her she had a green thumb. Roxanne remained humble but would always cleverly reply, "I have two of them!"


Roxanne is passionate about creating landscapes with diverse plants and colorful flowers. She also loves making miniature gardens and is a miniac, which is ironic given that we just had a

member's contest for miniature garden containers. For those who don't know, miniacs are the

makers, collectors, and fans of diminutive versions of everything.

Growing up in Ceres, Roxanne is a student at Modesto Junior College. Next year, she will graduate, earning her degree in Environmental Horticultural Science. Roxanne is committed to her field and has the desire to educate others on what she has learned. On April 13, Roxanne will be speaking to our members about different propagation methods.

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