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Thursday,  April 11, 2024



Betty Cole

We have a special treat this month. Our speaker, Betty Cole, is a Modesto Garden Club member since 2001. She lives in one of the first three houses built in Modesto, and the only one of the three still standing! It is still occupied by the original family, as Betty’s husband, Bob, was the grandchild of the founder.

  She tends her garden which is made up of plants that were first planted in the 1870’s. As an avid historian of both the house and garden she will be sharing information and memories of both. April’s  visit will primarily be on the garden, plants and trees that were planted in the 1870’s and used mostly for food and medicinal uses.
  Betty has become the chief historian for the family. Her enthusiasm for the subject is contagious. You don’t want to miss this meeting. She is priceless and a great presenter. And, what is the story behind that little picket fence in the garden? You will have to attend to find out! A fun presentation for sure.

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