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Community Education

School Garden


Each year the Modesto Garden Club awards $200 to schools that apply for participation in the program. Each school that participates must have a Garden Club member who works with the program. Some schools offer after school programs, while others work with students during the school day. Modesto Garden Club members working at these school sites may assist the teachers or direct the program themselves.



This raised planter box is one of many therapeutic garden boxes at various residential care facilities. This unique gardening system involves planting a 3' x 3' wooden box set at a height to accommodate gardeners who are seated or those who can't bend down. Each facility has a garden club member to oversee the care of the planters.



Modesto Garden Club offers six $1500 scholarships a year to students majoring in the study of Agronomy, Agriculture Education, Floriculture, Horticulture, Landscape Design, Botany, Forestry, Wildlife Science, Plant Pathology, City (rural and urban) Planning, Habitat or Forest/Systems Ecology, Environmental Concerns, Environmental Conservation, Land Management, or allied subjects. Scholarship applications are due by March 20th 2024. For more information, email Judy Spencer at



Small groups meet in members' homes or go on field trips to share friendship and their gardening interests. The group decides where and how often to meet. New friendships arAe often made while poking around someone's garden. Budding gardeners learn from each other while having fun.


You can signup at any general meeting, to join one of these groups. New ones are always forming, and there is always room for more.

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