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Our History


The Modesto Garden Club was founded on February 12, 1924 by Modesto Junior College Professor Frederick (Pop) Knorr, a naturalist and conservationist, who devoted many years to planting and preserving trees and greenery in Modesto. The Club was federated September 24, 1946 and incorporated in 1962.

Pop Knorr

Projects of Modesto Garden Club

1924       Modesto Junior College landscaped

1928       Arbor Day tree planting began


1932       Spring Garden Tours began
                 Graceada Park magnolia trees and benches provided


1938       Municipal Golf Course trees provided

1939       Community Christmas fir tree planted downtown

1962       Annual Camellia Festival began

1969       Penny Pines Plantations began

1972       Memorial Rose Garden established

1980       Great Valley Museum Garden planted

1985        McHenry Museum front planter landscaped

1989        McHenry Mansion orange grove provided

1994        Historical Police Sub-Station landscaped

1995        Stanislaus Wildlife Care Center contributions began


1996        McClatchy Square Rose Garden

                  Victorian-style drinking fountain purchased

                  Residential Yard-of-the-Month contest began

1997        McClure Country Place Historical Landmark landscaping began
                  (Community Hospice event)


1998        Senior Citizens Center landscape lights installed

                  Senior Citizens Center "Secret Garden" began

                  Residential Senior Care Facilities Chair gardening began

For more information, please contact the President.

1999        Color Modesto project established with the City of Modesto

                  Graceada Park Restoration funding provided

2000        Color Modesto hanging baskets provided

                  Color Modesto downtown flowerpots planted and maintained

2001        Living, working Flower Clock established

2003        Victims' Garden
                 Office Project started

2005        Dedication of Office at 622 14th Street, Modesto

2006        Five Corners Project established at American Graffiti Statue

2007        Virginia Corridor Rose Garden started
                 Support of Modesto Greater Tree Foundation began

2008        Virginia Corridor Rose Garden completed

2010        Landscaping at McHenry Mansion

2012        Modesto Garden Club donated funds to the restoration of the

                  Modesto Welcome Arch and designed and planted the planters

                  that flank the Arch.

2016        Maintain the Rose Garden at Briggsmore and College Avenues

2019        Design, plant and maintain flower pots at Gallo Center

2019        Design, plant and maintain the "K" Street Parklet, located                                        at "K" and Needham Streets.

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