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Civic Projects

Downtown Flower Pots

This beautification project is sponsored jointly with the City of Modesto. The Downtown Improvement District purchased the concrete pots that have been placed in the downtown area. Modesto Garden Club members plant the pots in the fall and again in the spring. Currently, about 143 pots are being planted and maintained along H, I, J, and K Streets.

George Lucas Plaza.jpeg

George Lucas Plaza
The George Lucas Plaza Statue located at the intersections of Downey, 17th, McHenry and J Streets (five points), features two teenagers from the early 60’s leaning against the fender of a ’57 Chevy. This bronze statue is a tribute to Modesto’s most favorite son, director/producer George Lucas. Garden Club volunteers take care of the plantings at this location.

Flower Clock

The Flower Clock is located on K Street between 10th and 11th Streets. The 20 foot diameter mantel-style clock features 1,808 plants. It is dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Aileen Gallo, an avid gardener and a member of our Club for many years. The Club purchases new plants twice a year and Club members plant the flowers and maintain the area throughout the year.

There are two of these large flower pots at the base of the clock which are planted twice a year by Club volunteers.

School Garden Partnerships.jpeg

School Garden Partnerships

Modesto Garden Club supports 10 schools annually, providing each school with a $200.00 contribution toward their school garden. The goal is to teach our children to eat healthy vegetables and prevent childhood obesity as the children learn to be stewards of the land. Pat Logan directs the school garden projects, providing seeds, tools and planting know-how.

Memorial Rose Garden

Located at the Orangeburg Ave. entrance to the Virginia Corridor, this rose garden was planted in 2007 with hundreds of Knock Out and Iceberg roses. It is the site of the Memorial Rose Garden Plaque. The four benches located in the area were donated to the corridor project by the Modesto Garden Club.

Briggsmore and College Rose Garden.jpeg

Briggsmore and College Rose Garden

This is a new garden taken over by the Modesto Garden Club from the City of Modesto. The garden will be maintained at least three times a year. Garden Club member, Pat Williams, has taken the lead on caring for this garden.

Gallo Pots.JPG

Gallo Center Flower Pots

Modesto Garden Club designs, plants and maintains the 9 large flower pots at the Gallo Center.

Courthouse Victim's Garden

Located at the Stanislaus County Courthouse, this garden of healing is dedicated to the victims of crime in our county. Our dedicated members have cultivated a little bit of peace for anyone walking by.

Sr Citizens Center.JPG

Senior Citizens Center

Members of the Garden Club plant and maintain the flowers beds in front of and along side the Senior Citizens Center. The Club was instrumental in securing funds for the flagpole and moving the Blue Star Memorial to the Center.

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