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Thursday,  March 9, 2023



Carol Burns

Carol Burns

As the sole proprietor of Anneliesa’s Table, Carol began offering vintage tableware rental, styling services, themed events and floral services. In 2018 Carol retired from 40 years in the legal and architectural industries.

Carol recently made the decision to limit her commitment of providing floral, styling and rental services to the public in order to spend more time with her husband, son, daughter, and five grandchildren. Says Carol, “I also want
more time gardening, entertaining friends and continuing to pursue other creative passions."

Carol is currently the Vice President/Program Chair for the Stockton Garden Club and recently achieved certification as a Landscape Design Consultant through the National Garden Club Educational Program. As if that
weren’t enough, she is also developing a presentation collaboration with home schooling parents to teach their children about Wildlife, Biodiversity, Pollinators, and more.

Carol plans on demonstrating two styles for us. One is an organic type of arranging in a vase and the other is a spiral method of arranging and placing in a vase.


We look forward to your presentation Carol!

Thursday, March 9, 2023

and GROW


Carl Hill


California Native Plants

Carl moved “to the country” in 2010 to a property that was literally a blank landscape. Even after preliminary plantings there was a large area to consider. Their goal? Beautiful results, low
maintenance, low water and other inputs, and plants of interest not just the norm. Thus began their journey learning of California Native Plants!
After growing and propagating natives, he found he enjoyed this up and coming way of landscaping. Of particular interest are the diversity of natives, the natural growth cycle, beauty, pollinators they attract, and learning about native California flora. This was the beginning of Blossom Hill California Native Plants.
Carl says, "since 2014 we have offered California natives plants to a geographical area of our state that has had very few.
We have learned it is not only about the plants, but the people too. From those with vast knowledge to those just investigation natives... all are a joy to get to know and serve. We have expanded the varieties available and now feature over 100 species and 3000 plants annually. This year for the first time we offer plants original to our nursery, a sage and a fuchsia! With the current water situation in California, we have seen a marked increase in the interest of native plants. More folks are interested and learning. We look forward to supporting the
growing Native Landscaping movement and the people leading this transformation!

Carl Hill
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