Thursday, May 13, 2021
Thursday, May 13, 2021
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Dave started his career in the green industry as a carryout boy at Garden Center in Manteca. Working at the nursery was a great job through high school and college. After a stint in the military, he went to work for Zaiger's as assistant manager while taking some night classes. In 1977 Dave was recruited to open a new nursery in Manteca called Rainbow Gardens. The property was sold in 1980 and he went to work learning the landscape business. In 1986 Dave received an offer to be the landscaper for Manteca schools and started his own landscape company. Then in 1993, his good friend Bill Morris asked Dave to join the management team for Morris Nursery. He was general manager from 1997 through 2018 when he decided to continue part-time.

​Dave is a California Certified Nurseryman, Licensed Landscape Contractor, Master Nurseryman, and most recently a UC Master Gardener. Gardening has been one of his passions for more than 50 years and Dave enjoys passing that on to others.


Dave Provost

Nurseryman, Semi-Retired

Morris Nursery

Our Charitable Gardens are dedicated to cultivating and nourishing physical, mental, and spiritual health in our community.  Our goal is to cultivate both soil and soul by using agricultural mentoring that targets the whole person, encouraging simultaneous, spiritual, emotional, social, occupational and physical development.  We are a small, non-profit farm to table micro-enterprise project that grows, sells, and distributes fresh produce for the purpose of serving our local community.


When you decide to purchase produce from us, you are not only investing in high quality, locally grown and garden fresh vegetables and fruit, you are also helping to make quality counseling services more accessible and affordable to those in need.  In addition, you are directly investing in the lives and futures of people who are learning how to produce it.  One hundred percent (100%) of your purchases are invested into our community through our counseling services.

Ronda has been with Wellspring Charitable Gardens since the very beginning. She is a member, a harvest volunteer, an administrative guru and is also one of the counselors who works with our counseling network that is funded through our garden sales.




Ronda Melendez


Charitable Gardens