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Garden of the  Month



We look forward to meeting
again in the near future. Visit our website to get more up-to-date information.


Dan Balsey

Bonsai Creation

and Care

Thursday, September XX
Learn and Grow
10:30 am–11:15 am
General Meeting
11:45 am–1:30 pm

    Dan has been creating Bonsai the Living Art for over 35 years. He started by reading books and joining Bonsai clubs. He was President of Amador Bonsai Club for 3½ years and started the Calaveras Bonsai Club which is now the Mother Lode Bonsai Club. Bonsai is a living art expressing creativity. Dan loves talking about and teaching his art. He has given classes and presentations for many garden clubs and organizations. Born in Oakland, Dan is a disabled Vietnam veteran where he served as a combat medic.

Due to the COVID-19 Virus
the tour has been
FOR 2020





Take a Look!

916 Mills Avenue


The Modesto Garden Club is pleased to present

its May 2015 Garden of the Month. Owner

Joan Michelotti, a retired health educator and R.N., purchased this home in April 2012 and started renovating, completing the landscaping by March 2013. The fence design was inspired by an image out of Sunset Magazine and was implemented by Joan's brother, Chuck Silva. Working with Joan's brother-in-law, John Yarborough, the intial woodland inspired landscape was designed and installed. Later, the landscape design was revisted and improved upon

by Danny Hall & Pioneer Landscaping of Turlock.

The plantings were designed to display year round interested, both in foliage and blooms. Most of the front yard plants are evergreen with the exception

of the Japanese Maples and are supported by

three dry river rock beds and hardscaping by

Arnold Cement, Inc.


With plant selections like 'Aptos' Blue Redwoods, 'Bloodgood' and 'Emperor 1' Japanese maples, and interior Live Oaks, a forest understory feel is established. Dappled sun highlights white drift roses, 'Firepower' nandina, Chinese fringe flower shrubs, 'Duc de Rohan' azaleas, 'Tequila Sunrise' coprosma, Cherry Laurels, Scotch Moss groundcover, Iberis and 'Little John' bottlebrush.


The scholarship winners are listed in alphabetical order, not in order of scoring. (But is van Klaveren considered a V or a K? I considered it a K).


Michelle Borges

Major: Agriculture Communications

College/university in which enrolled: Cal State University Chico  

Occupational objective: Agriculture public relations


Lauryn Cabral

Major: Environmental Horticulture Science

College/university in which enrolled: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo or UC Davis

Occupational objective: Professor


Abigail van Klaveren

Major: Horticulture

College/university in which enrolled: Oregon State University

Occupational objective: Wholesale nursery owner


Saida May-Woodruff

Major: Landscape Architect

College/university in which enrolled: Cal Poly

Occupational objective: Landscape architect


Bailey Scheuber

Major: Agriculture Systems Management

College/university in which enrolled: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Occupational objective: Agriculture engineer or agriculture educator


Sarah Siegel

Major: Conservation and Resource Studies

College/university in which enrolled: UC Berkeley

Occupational objective: Environmental nonprofit


Tiago Soares

Major: Agriculture Science

College/university in which enrolled: Cal Poly, Pomona

Occupational objective: Agriculture educator 

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